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Introducing Society 5.0

Securing Society 5.0
Self-help authors and politicians seem to agree on at least one thing: mindset matters. The shelves of bookstores worldwide are awash with motivational books by evangelical writers hoping to convert readers to their...

Securing Society 5.0 – Overcoming the hidden threats in society’s greatest evolutionary leap

Securing Society 5.0 Introduction
A term first coined by the Japanese government, “Society 5.0” describes "A human-centered society that balances economic advancement with the resolution of social problems by a system that highly integrates cyberspace and physical...

A Comparison of 5G Core Network Architectures

5G Cloud Architecture
The 5G Core network is a Service Based Architecture. It evolves the traditional appliance based 4G Core Network to support services. It offers more agility and flexibility. The major building blocks of this architecture...

The Open RAN Lexicon You Need

oran lexicon
The telecoms and digital technologies sectors are notoriously jargonised. Eavesdrop on any conversation at an industry conference (remember those?) and you’d be treated to a parade of acronyms, initialisms and technical terms that...

Open RAN May Be the Future of 5G, but Can We Keep It Secure?

Open RAN Security
It's been a year of contradictions for the telecommunications industry. Like most sectors, it has been heavily impacted by the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, with a slowdown in global 5G roll-outs being a...

5G in Manufacturing – 5G and Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) for Industrial Automation

5G TSN Manufacturing
In the recent report by IHS Markit - "The 5G Economy - How 5G will contribute to the global economy" - researchers claimed that manufacturing will garner almost $4.7 trillion in sales enablement...

Cybersecurity and Safety in the 5G-Enabled Smart-Everything World

5G Cybersecurity Safety
Neil Harbisson calls himself a cyborg. Without the antenna implanted in his skull, he would not be able to see colour of any kind. Born with achromatopsia, a condition of total colourblindness that...

Introduction to 5G Core Service-Based Architecture (SBA) Components

5G SBA IMS MEC Architecture
The interest in 5G and mIoT is exploding. It's exciting to see so many IT and cybersecurity professionals in my network trying to learn more about 5G and related technologies. In addition to my...

Smart Home / Smart Building Connectivity Options and Their Cybersecurity

Smart Home Wireless Connectivity
In a recent session on smart building cybersecurity, a student cheekily asked me "How did we ever connect anything before 5G?" At that moment I realized I might have been overdoing my 5G...

Introduction to 3GPP and 3GPP 5G Releases 15, 16 and 17

5G 3GPP Release Timeline
In a major milestone for 5G, 3GPP finalized the Release 16 in July - its second set of specifications for 5G New Radio (NR) technology. As a second article in my series of...

Does the positive review of Huawei UDG source code quality mean that Huawei 5G is secure and reliable?

Huawei ERNW 5G Source Code Analysis
No, no it doesn’t. Huawei's code might as well be extremely secure. Their code is certainly the most scrutinized. But the recent UDG source code review is not an evidence of security. ERNW, an...

Will Telcos Lose the Edge Computing Battle as Well?

Edge Computing Fog
For many end-users of today's communications technology, the cloud is a somewhat mystical concept, a digital equivalent of aether. Most think of it as a formless abstraction "up there" when, in fact, the...

My latest leadership and DEI articles

Destructive Criticism – My experiences with negative feedback across cultures

Giving Feedback Across Cultures
Giving feedback is hard. Giving good feedback is even harder. Giving good feedback across cultures is next to impossible. On my first Canadian project two decades ago, my Canadian boss "suggested that I think about" doing something...

We need to free organizations of bullshit – Part 1: Why?

Organizational Bullshit
While I add a similar disclaimer to all of my public content, it's particularly important in this case to emphasize that the convictions I've expressed in this article are entirely my own. I've...

We need to free organizations of bullshit – Part 2: How?

Organizational Bullshit
Read Part 1: Why Part 2: How One day, sitting in the shed he called home, the journalist, Oobah Butler, had an idea: he would turn his shed into a fake restaurant and make it...

Neurodiversity: Talent or Token?

How window-dressing chips away at any tangible rewards companies could reap from neurodiversity efforts. Diversity has made a dent in the public consciousness. With a long-overdue shift from an ethical buzzword into a...

Those with Interpersonal Skills Have Least to Worry About the AI

AI Interpersonal
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming ever more important, and not just in automating repetitive, manual labor jobs. Increasingly, it also enters the realm of highly trained knowledge workers. New. AI-driven world will require...

Leadership in the Age of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Leadership in the age of AI
AI’s effect on the workplace will not be limited merely to repetitive, production line-type jobs. Increasingly, it also enters the realm of highly trained knowledge workers. It will also affect those who manage...

Diversity – The Benefits of Being Uncomfortable

Diversity Uncomfortable
The topic of diversity is not one that most people find in their comfort zone. As I wrote in a previous article on diversity, increasing diversity often engenders frustration in those tasked with accomplishing...

Enterprise Resilience – A Model to Thrive in a World of Change

Enterprise Resilience
Modern theories of the firm remain focused on transaction costs, operational efficiency, employee motivation, leadership, strategy and other related factors. While any of these may support our success at various times, none of...

Can we Rescue Diversity from its own Failings?

Diversity Failings
Don’t expect this to be either of the typical articles about diversity. I’m here not to fawn over its benefits nor to rant about who does or doesn’t get hired. I’m here, instead,...

Innovative Businesses Have Curious Employees

Several comments in response to my recent competency-focused post led me to also consider the importance of curiosity in the workplace. Interestingly enough, recent experiences have given me a chance to see firsthand the benefits...

Do you Have What it Takes to be an Interim Manager?

Being Interim Manager
Businesses, facing an ever-increasing variety of complex problems, are in desperate need of good interim managers to help solve them. Such positions are highly rewarding, with the opportunity to explore new places, meet...

Interim Management as a Career Option

Interim Management Career
The face of interim management is changing. Traditionally, an interim manager was someone at the end of his career who chose interim management to extend his working years. This is changing fast. An increasing...

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5G Critical Infrastructure

5G Critical Infrastructure – the Most Critical of All

Not even 30 years separate us from the end of the Cold War. Yet, we appear to be witnessing the emergence of a new...
Leadership AI Book

The Future of Leadership in the Age of AI – Preface

Today’s business leadership face a conundrum. Artificial Intelligence (AI) unquestionably will play an enormous role in the future of their organizations and the business...
Society 5.0 and 5G

Will 5G and Society 5.0 Mark a New Era in Human...

In their outstanding book, Wicked and Wise, Alan Watkins and Ken Wilber look at some of the most pressing ‘wicked problems’ facing the human...
Cyber-Kinetic Security, IoT Security, OT Security

The World of Cyber-Physical Systems & Rising Cyber-Kinetic Risks

We live in a world in which the way we observe and control it is radically changing. Increasingly, we interact with physical objects through...
Blockchain Security

Blockchain Security

Recent advances in Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) / Blockchain have significant implications for the global economy and financial services FinTech and Decentralized Finance (DeFi)...
Diversity Uncomfortable

Diversity – The Benefits of Being Uncomfortable

The topic of diversity is not one that most people find in their comfort zone. As I wrote in a previous article on diversity, increasing...
AI Fake News

AI-Exacerbated Disinformation and Cyber Threats to Democracy

Recent events have confirmed that the cyber realm can be used to disrupt democracies as surely as it can destabilize dictatorships. Weaponization of information...
FinCrime Cyber

Why Financial Crime and Cybersecurity Need to Team up

The worlds of financial crime and cybercrime are colliding, converging into one. The biggest threat to businesses globally is the new cyber-enabled financial crime....
Innovation in Canada

Innovation in Canada – What’s Not Working and What Is

Canada’s rankings in innovation has lagged that of other peer nations for decades despite government efforts to address this issue. Considering its success in...
smart cities privacy

Importance of Privacy for Smart Cities and IoT

From The Jetsons to Blade Runner, to Back to the Future, to A.I. to The 5th Element, popular culture has long been fascinated by...
Quantum Computer 5G Security

The Quantum Computing Threat to Cybersecurity and 5G

Recently, in the science journal Nature, Google claimed ‘quantum supremacy’ saying that its quantum computer is the first to perform a calculation that would...
Edge Computing Fog

Will Telcos Lose the Edge Computing Battle as Well?

For many end-users of today's communications technology, the cloud is a somewhat mystical concept, a digital equivalent of aether. Most think of it as...
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